How to make php guestbook

A very simple guestbook example to illustrate basic file handling. Today I prepared new and interesting tutorial – I will tell how you can create an Ajax PHP guestbook with your own unique design. Our records will be saved into an SQL database. This table will contain: name of sender, email, guestbook record, date-time of record and ip of sender. Of course, we will use jQuery too (to make it ajax-y). One of the important features will be spam protection (we can post no more than one record every 10 minutes)! 


PHP guestbook code :

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<html><head><title>My Guestbook</title></head>
<h1>Welcome to my Guestbook</h1>
<h2>Please write me a little note below</h2>
<form action=”<?=”$PHP_SELF#results”?>” method=”POST”>
<textarea cols=40 rows=5 name=note wrap=virtual></textarea>
<input type=submit value=” Send it “>
<?if(isset($note)) {
$fp = fopen(“/tmp/notes.txt”,”a”);
?><h2>The entries so far:</h2>
<? @ReadFile(“/tmp/notes.txt”) ?>


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